About Us

MoneyPark, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Lane Martinsen and a diversely experienced management team.

MoneyPark has been offering financial software tools and mentoring services to both financial professionals and clients since 1999. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and a host of happy and debt free clients.

Americans carry around over $2.5 trillion in personal debt. Far too many are living with the heavy burden of debt and are paying a fortune in interest payments throughout their lives.

The lack of financial planning for the future is an American tragedy. Paying interest for more than 30 years is a profound waste of money and a result of poor planning. The lost opportunity costs are staggering. There is a better way!

Online Tools and Automation

Our unique web based software coupled with our unique cash flow automation processes provides a remarkably effective debt reduction system.

To LEARN MORE WATCH VIDEO, after watching this short video you will be able to see exactly what can be accomplished in your specific situation. This video will demonstrate how to run the free analysis and how to obtain instant online results.

Direct link: Debt Plan Analysis Calculator

Mentoring Services

With our proprietary system and our authorized network of financial planners, we jointly provide a customized plan of action and mentoring for each client and help them achieve amazing results.

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